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UnConformity Vintage Maps

1858 Map of the Road to Hell

1858 Map of the Road to Hell

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Oh what fun it is to peruse this 50" x 44" Map of the Road to Hell (!!), drawn in 1858 by I.N. Barrington. Major rivers of sin and their various tributaries of vice show how all roads lead eventually to... 'That Great Lake of Fire & Brimstone Into Which The Wicked Shall be Cast" (!!) While we may never know for sure, one gets the sense in reading this map that it was drawn quite in earnest, and yet whether intentional or unintentional, the humor really shines through. The devil is in the details, and you have to look close to spy them all. A perfect map to hang above the bar, gambling den, or in the back of the grog shop.  

The map is printed on Arches BFK Rives 100% Cotton Rag paper, handmade at the Blanchet Frères & Kléber paper mill in Rives, France on a traditional cylinder paper mould. The subtle pattern of the paper fibers is faintly visible under oblique lighting, and lends a mature cloth-like appearance to this rarely-reproduced work. Stains (bourbon?) and aging from the original map are reproduced in this print, which adds immeasurably to its character and visual appeal. Unfortunately, it is not accompanied by a map of the road to Heaven. 

* NOTE: This is a carefully crafted print of the highest quality, but it is not the original work.

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