UnConformity Custom Frames



Each UnConformity print can be purchased with a beautiful hanging frame custom-sized to perfectly fit the print. Custom frames are built from sustainably sourced dark-stained poplar wood with antique brass and organic hemp components all made in the USA.  These elegant, handmade frames are an attractive and cost-effective framing option, and are made with pride right here in South Salt Lake, Utah. Hardware and assembly is done right here at UnConformity. The wood components are made by our fabulous friends from Signed & Numbered, Phil Sherburne & Leia Bell (fun fact, Phil and Leia also started SLC's legendary independent music venue, Kilby Court)!  

If you choose to order your print with a custom UnConformity hanging frame, the frame is shipped to you free in the same shipping tube, and it's a snap to insert your print and hang your new map in minutes. 


1. Unroll your new print on a clean, flat surface and weight it down so that it lies flat. Leave it this way for a few days so that the paper can rest and doesn't want to roll. 

2. Unwrap the hanging frame. Determine how high above the frame you want the hanging nail and adjust the twine if desired. Be sure that when you re-tie the knots in the twine, the metal ring is perfectly centered over the middle screw in the frame. 

3. Loosen all the screws in the top and bottom frames slightly so that there is a 1/16" to 1/8" gap. Gently slide each frame onto the top and bottom of the print, starting from the corner, and make sure that the frames are centered on the print so that about 1/2" of frame extends past the print on each side. The print should sit right up against the hardware in the frame so that it can't be pushed any further into the hanging frame. 

4. Being careful that the frame and print don't shift, tighten each screw finger-tight by hand. There is no need to crank down hard on the screws. You may need to gently press the barrel-nuts on the back of the frame while tightening the knob screws. 

5. Carefully lift up the print with the frame and ensure that everything is centered. Hang the ring on the hanging nail. Voila! 

6. If your print still has a bit of a curl at the top or bottom, gently flex it in the opposite direction with the frame attached until the map hangs flat.