Why UnConformity's Vintage Map Prints Are Different


Unconditional Quality. When we set out to make prints of vintage maps, the unconditional bottom line was that the quality had to be f'ing awesome. We're tired of ordering map prints that tout "museum quality" papers and "archival inks" and then the product arrives and it looks and feels cheap and devoid of character. We are obsessed with finding the perfect balance between texture and character of the paper, and fineness of detail. We love the look and feel of the vintage map prints we sell, and we make and prepare every reproduction in-house. No outsourcing to big print shops and drop-shippers.  

We stand by what we make. We're proud of our vintage map reproductions. We don't believe in garbage merchandise or map prints that look and feel cheap. You won't pay for anything you don't love and want to keep forever. Don't believe us? Check out our guarantee

Heirloom-Quality Materials. The UnConformity shop uses Arches BFK Rives cotton rag paper, handmade at the centuries-old Blanchet Frères & Kléber paper mill in Rives, France on a traditional cylinder mould. The randomly-arranged pattern of the fiber gives a luxurious look and feel to the blank spaces in each map, and the subtle texture is delightfully accentuated by oblique lighting. We find that this paper allows the reproduction to capture minuscule details in perfect clarity, and the combination of texture and detail gives each map a very eye-catching aesthetic. Each print has a lovely heft and suppleness that works equally well with a variety of framing methods, including 'schoolhouse-style' hanging frames. These prints will be an attention grabber in your home or workplace.  

Curated for beauty. Sized for readability. UnConformity's curated collection of featured maps are vintage cartographic gems. We won't sell map reproductions that are too small for the content (a common and very annoying practice). Our maps are sized to preserve clarity and reveal the details, because that's where the real fun is! We have unearthed and lovingly reproduced old maps that reveal exceptional artistic and historical details which make these pieces a delight to admire and to study.